Sam McDonald takes the Honours

Five SNCC riders took to the start at BRCC 2 lap 1Z/22.6 Spoco event; a 'testing' course with two long climbs on each lap.

Our riders were buoyed by roadside cheers from Steve Lyons as he continues his recovery; and I'm not sure if it was just the heat but I'm sure I saw the local constabulary fetch him a coffee whilst he shouted encouragement 

With on-line booking and 'bring your own number' it was a well run event which allowed for appropriate social distancing to take place; although there are those of course who would question if this was ever a problem for testers.

With original winner subsequently DQ'd for not riding in the left of the lane (CTT Reg20(b)note(i)) this left SNCC riders in 1st Sam McDonald in 51.21 at an ave speed of 26.4mph and 2nd Simon Murphy, with Simon Richardson 7th, Jim Robertson 11th and Norman King breaking the top-20 in 19th. Congratuations to Sam and each of the SNCC riders, this is a fantastic showing for the club, thank you.

So with two wins in the week, Sam McDonald is on the way to becoming our version of Annemiek van Vleuten, although this weekend's ECCA Champs may be a tougher nut to crack 

Details on the remaining BRCC events can be found here