BRCC 1Y/15 Spoco

Six SNCC riders took to the start of the BRCC 1Y/15 Spoco (Sporting [hilly] Course) event on Sunday morning, a course which starts with the horrible climb up to Deadman's Cross and then seems to be uphill most of the way from there! There were some strong riders and a couple of very promising youngsters among the field, so it certainly wasn't going to be 'easy like Sunday morning'.

In keeping with our recent performances on this course in the InterClub series, one of our number managed to take a wrong turn at one of the roundabouts, although didn't slow him down too much as he still managed to finish 2nd well done Simon M.

Less than a minute further back was Mark G; having made the wise choice to use a bike with gears for a change. Simon R 15th, Jim & Geoff 18th & 19th and Norm in 25th ....although there is a train of thought (at least in my head) that says the real winner is whoever manages to hit the highest speed coming back down the hill just before the finish, and I'm obviously too modest to say who that is........

The BRCC Spoco series continues with a longer version of this course 1Z/20.5 on Sunday 6th Sept.