Twisted Oaks Bike Park

A different venue, new to us and a bit of a drive being near Ipswich but recommended. The course made use of sections of the purpose build cross country loop around the outside of the Park and the purpose built flow sections looping up and down the hillside taking in each area twice per lap.

The single-track up and down the wooded hillside was particularly tight and twisted with a few well marked A and B lines on technical features a complete contrast to the open fast flow sections at the top of the course which were great fun. B lines around technical features were fast and flowing, not really a penalty at all but a safe way around. Although I'm told those who chose to ride the 'two stair' A line on one of the flow lines that they didn't actually touch the stairs at all!

Given the forecast was for rain all day we were incredibly lucky which only occasional heavy rain showers which missed both the ladies and afternoon men's race. Unfortunately it did downpour on the kids race at lunch time and making a very slippy start for the afternoon races. 

Was a very well organised day with a category for everyone to participate in, precise staggered start times and plenty of people having a good day out.

Lynette & Robin