Hell of St Neots 24, this was a lovely day for a gravel ride despite a strong headwind when we were going South but a tailwind when we were heading North.

Seven in the square including 2 non-members, George Alexander of Chatteris CC and Tina, girlfriend of Justin, in addition we had Mike, Justin, Matt, Will and myself, I got a message from Simon Rinaldo saying he wasn't well. There were also another 11 members there on the other road routes which was good. So off to the Beast, the bit from Drewells Lane was very muddy and there was some walking. We had to take care going down the beast as well. One advantage we had was that Justin and Tina had recce'd the course the previous Sun (in error). Up Everton Hill, around to Waresley, off road to Gamlingay.

We crossed the grass airfield and we were all slipping and sliding. After this Justin got a puncture and Matt's wheels were not clearing the mud (the only guy on a Road Bike (well done)). I lost the guys on the way to Sutton but they waited up, I wasn't as strong as I normally was (maybe the 6 mile walk Saturday was in my legs). Onto the Bridleway around to Sutton, tailwind all the way to Sutton, lovely. Then road and bridleway to just outside Sandy, we skirted Sandy and off road back to the bottom of Everton Hill.

From there road to Blunham, Justin gave me an assist which was most welcome. We were looking like being late to the Barley Mow but we were making up time with the tailwind. Flew past Roxton, another regroup. Then the final section to the outskirts of St Neots, down the hill, pub. We had beer and frites (although we were late) which arrived and were happily eaten. We also got Tina to join the club. Great ride, must do that course in the dry. Thanks to all for riding this event, thanks to Justin for the photos, I attach a small sample, I will send to individuals over the next few days.


Event pictures can be seen here