St Neots CC & Titan Reliability Ride – Sunday 22nd February

It was a cold, wet and windy Sunday morning with “the best laid schemes” potentially scuppered by the unpredicted winds on display as we gathered outside Titan for the 5th SNCC/ Titan RR.

Early morning debate about whether to cancel or delay in view of rider safety left us with the decision to suggest a 1pm start, however with the option of starting at 9pm if that was your preference. By 8.45 am 50 hardy souls had signed on for the RR and throughout the remainder of the morning another 31 to test themselves and their bikes against the conditions.

For everyone the wind was a challenge in places, especially on the two bridges over the A14 and the run from Fenstanton to Graveley. Everyone came back safely to enjoy welcome hot drinks and food at Titan and to exchange stories on the weather.

We would like to thank all the non SNCC riders who joined us on the day and a special mention to Tom and Stuart from the 45 Road Club who cycled over from Wellingborough, did the 100km and then cycled back to Wellingborough (into the head wind). Chapeau, gents.

We also had riders from Ashwell, BRCC, BRRT, BSCC, CCA, CCC, HFCC, icycle, Nice Tri, SICC, Veloelite and Yaxley. Thank you all for your support.

Spare a thought for long standing club member Steve Blows who planned to ride with six others, went to the toilet and when he came out, they had gone leaving him to ride the 100km alone!

Good to see former club member Becky Layland who made the trip up from Bristol just to take part in the RR.

On the day we raised £500 for the three charities made up of entry fees and donations and with the Titan ( pledge of £500 matching plus a very generous donation of £300 from local builder and historical building restorer JH Restorations ( we are donating £1,300 across the three charities. Thank you to the club members who were not able to ride on the day and still donated for the charities.

With over 200 riders in 2019 we knew that the current weather would impact on the numbers and given the conditions well done and thanks to the 81 riders who braved the elements.

As always events such as these do not happen by chance and we would like to thank George Lendrum, Karen Newton and Mandy McEvoy from Titan for hosting the event, running the reception and sign on and organising all the food on the day.

The food was supplied by Paul Haynes (Exsa - ) and Gary Adnitt (Holdsworth Foods - ), the Facebook promotion by Tom Dunkley and the posters and flags by Dave Hennessey.

The SNCC Titan Reliability Rides are now a cornerstone of the St Neots cycling club calendar. Through the hard work of the organisers, support of the sponsors and commitment of the riders, we are not only able to have fun and enjoy a great social event, but also able to help great some great charities do their work too. Look out for the SNCC Titan 2021 Reliability Ride next year.

PDF report can be downloaded from here.