Sun 3rd Mar 24, a cold day beckoned as I rode up Priory Hill to see the Titan Team (George, Karen, Caroline and Karen). The forecast was good with the sun coming out and it was going to be 7c or so later in the morning. When I got there a few riders were waiting in their cars.

Saw George getting set up, calmness personified. Karen had set up everything. The Bradfords (Adrian and Tina) were there getting their bike sale ready. I helped by putting up a couple of SNCC signs with Dave Harris and George. There were a number of riders arriving and it was looking like a good turnout. Paul Haynes dropped off the bananas (thanks banana man). Then Gary and Malcolm turned up with the food, it looked like a lot but it was needed. I helped again (had to look like I was doing something).

I started chatting to lots of people and managed to get a cup of tea. I then had a discussion with Gary and Malcolm on the old off-road course, they wanted to ride it, I warned them it would be hard work, but Malcolm was enthused "give me more mud" is his new nickname. They had convinced two of their mates from Potton MTB to do the course as well, but at least they were on eBikes. I was riding the new off road course with Mike and Monty and we were setting off at about 9am, Will joined us until he needed to get warmer gloves! Started to see some SNCC members coming out of hibernation, it was great to see them. By 8.30am the car park was almost full and people were starting to set off. Dave Harris was kept busy. Alistair Henderson turned up, he was riding with Martin and Mark on the short course. Great to see Alistair at the event especially as he had chosen the charity.

So before I go any further, I want to do the thank you's and give some more background.

The Reliability Rides are a traditional British cycling event and in the case of SNCC we choose a charity which come from the entries.

This year we asked Alistair Henderson to choose the charity and he chose it in memory of his wife who died in Dec 23 from MND, the Cambridge Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. So as I intimated we had 182 cyclists and raised £2,225 which is a fantastic amount and as you will see Alistair has written a separate note of thanks.


Thank you's:-

George Lendrum for letting us use the Titan Premises, again, everything went without a hitch. 

Karen Newton, Caroline and Mandy McEvoy for carrying out the signing on duties, collecting cash, dishing out hot drinks and soup. All the while with a big smile on their faces. A number of riders praised the use of the site and the cheerfulness of our volunteers.

Gary Adnitt - for the wonderful donation of food from Holdsworth Foods - we had a lot of compliments for the food.

Dave Harris of BikeNV who helped out whoever needed assistance and managed to ride the medium course.

Alistair for choosing the charity, not just a fantastic treasurer but a club stalwart, we hope to see you at the HCBR and future club runs.

Paul Haynes for the freshest bananas in Cambs, again always supports our events.

It was also nice to see Jake Henessey with his clothing range, we may be using his company in the near future.

So the ride itself, well not important really but it was great to see so many of you out there, we had the usual 4 courses, 61 miles, 38 miles and 20 miles, plus a new off road course and of course the old off road course that Gary and Malcolm rode.

The new off road course was perfect except for a short stretch of about 100 yards of churned up mud. By this time it had warmed up and I was a bit toasty. Not only that I felt strong so as a result we even caught 2 MTBers who said it was a great course and had big smiles. Back before midday and we all tucked into hot drinks and food. A lot of people were returning and all seemed to have enjoyed it. The sun was shining so we could stand outside. I chatted to a lot of people and people were not in a rush to go. Saw Lotty and her big group of riders who enjoyed the ride as well, they all did the short course.

Then around 1pm people started to wander home. So before George could give me any work I gave my excuses and sailed down Paxton Hill for what seemed the 7th time in 2 weeks (well it was). Gary and Malcolm returned and made me look clean, they were still smiling.

So thank you for making it a special day and we hope to see you at next year's event and for the SNCC riders at the Hot Cross Bun Ride on Fri 29th Mar. Look out for Adam's emails.