Nic Pillinger has agreed to take on the role of SNCC TT sec and is in the process of taking over the role from Simon Richardson.

Nic as you know is a very experienced Time Trialler and is perfectly suited to this role. Our thanks to Nic for taking on this role and he will be updating us over the next few weeks with details, dates of the the Weekly TT, Inter Club and Open "5 we organise. Please lend him your support when it comes to volunteering at events or even taking part. Many thanks, your SNCC Committee.

Our additional thanks to Simon "I'm injured again" Richardson who has maintained the continuity of the TT sec role with all the renewals that are required for 2024, he will show you the Rapha top he received with the Meritorious Service Award, early in 2024. Simon will not be riding the Wide Eyed and Legless Ride on Jan 1st as he is injured so his jeggings will have to wait till 2025.