Mon saw the first of the major rides of the year, the Wide Eyed and Legless Ride finishing at the Royal Oak at Hail Weston.

Unfortunately we had omitted to say it would be a 9.30 start, so at 9am 7 members turned up (4 on the short, 3 on the long). An unusual low number of members as this is a popular ride. The Chairman couldn't ride as he was injured, but he turned up to pay for the chips (and to apologise to the landlord on the low numbers. 5 members were there plus a guest for the drinks.

Question - has the ride run its course, or would you prefer a different type of ride? Please let a committee member know or email the club. With the next events being the Hot Cross Bun Ride and the Hell of St Neots we'd like to know these rides would be attended.

Many thanks your Committee