Welcome to an update on current events in the club and what's due to happen. This is not the full list, details of other events we have planned or in the pipeline (Hot Cross Bun Ride, Hell of St Neots off road and the Cycling Festival in Priory Park to follow). Please let us know what you think of this, we plan on doing a Monthly update on the first Friday of each month.

Membership - as of the 31st Jan we have 115 members rejoined which is a fantastic renewal rate, Alistair has reminded the remaining people. Remember the cost to rejoin went up on Feb 1st to £15. 

We had a successful AGM and Presentation evening in November. We are continuing with the monthly drinks in the Ale Taster. All of this will lead nicely into the Social Events planned that Simon Winter is working on.

One event we had recently was the Wide Eyed and Legless Ride on New Year's Day, although only 6 riders rode the course they all enjoyed themselves. We believe the fall of New Years Day this year detracted from our usual numbers.

Reliability RIde - We are grateful again to George Lendrum of Titan for hosting the Reliability Ride on Mar 3rd and Gary Adnitt of Holdsworth Foods in donating the delicious food. Everything is being organised, the courses will be tested and we eagerly look forward to your entries. Please donate at least £10 to the event which is in memory of Alistair's wife (Flora) and Alistair has chosen the MNDA as the nominated charity this year. If you can't ride the event please donate to this very worthy cause. All we need now is 15c, sunshine and a tailwind.

Club Runs Start TImes and Coffee - In recent years, we have experimented with different start times for the Sunday club runs and have settled on an 09:00 start throughout the year. Since attendance at the club runs is lower than we would like, the committee will consider changing this to bolster attendance. We can either stick with 09:00 throughout the year or change to 09:00 in the winter / 08:30 in the summer, changing when the clocks change. Also we have had it suggested we should have a coffee stop halfway through our Sunday Club Runs. Although not every course lends itself to a coffee stop we would like to hear our members views. The committee would be interested to hear opinions of both options favouring one way or the other so let your committee member know or write into the club.

Social Events - Simon WInter has been working on providing different social events. He is looking at Fri 23rd Feb for a Turkish Meal  at the New Bodrum in Cambridge Street. More details to follow in next weeks Weekly Bulletin.

He's also looking at the St Neots Booze on the Ouse on Thurs 14th Mar (to replace our Ale Taster evening) - more details to follow shortly.

After that we will be looking at a couple of other events and with the light evenings the Social Rides to the pub will be making a reappearance.

TT Corner - An update our new TT sec Nic Pillinger who has completed his handover from Simon Richardson. He sent this to the TT WhatsApp group, if you want to be included on that group please contact a member of the committee.

Nic is working on

1. Getting ready for our Open - the NDCA 25 on 25th May (Charimans note - we will need volunteers to make this a success for this event)
2. ⁠Planning for our club TT series together with CCA owing to the situation with our course
3. ⁠Updating some of the TT information on the website for the season ahead

He is looking forward to getting stuck into it all and hopes we can help each other out as a club, whilst also having some fun and friendly competition between us.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or questions on the TT scene please get in touch with Nic.

Dales Trip - Adam Hutchinson is organising this trip this year, as a veteran of 3 trips myself I can highly recommend it. The new cafe is fantastic, the beer and food is great and we always have a great time, the weather, well it's Yorkshire but hopefully a dry one. The dates are Friday 17th to Sunday 19th of May. We’ll be staying at the renovated and expanded Dales Bike Centre, located at the entrance to Swaledale, probably the most beautiful dale in all the whole National Park. Excellent riding, both on and off road can be found in all directions, with new roads being found every year. Members are free to explore as they wish. If you are intersted please contact Adam on the club directly.