So another update to the Chairman's Chatterbox, it's been a month. I am told by our glorious Webmaster that we had 142 hits for the Feb one. Please let your committee know if this is the content you'd like to see and if there's anything else you'd like added or mentioned.

We hope you are looking forward to the Reliability Ride on Sunday, Gary has catered for us, George and Karen have prepared the site for us, all we need now is for you all to come over and enjoy riding the courses and eating the food afterwards. The Weather Forecast is 3c at 9am and 7c at 12pm, sunny with no unexpected rain, What's not to like. See you there.

Couple of calendar reminders, we've got the Hot Cross Bun Ride (HCBR) on Fri Mar 29th, Adam has booked everything and let's hope it will be a lovely spring morning, as advertised there will be 2 courses. Get your summer bike out and hopefully your shorts and short sleeves tops!

Hell of St Neots is on Sun Apr 7th and will be ridden on the same day in homage to famous race the Paris Roubaix, details of the course are to be finalised but you should be able to ride it on your road bike but gravel bikes and MTBs are allowed. Then why not have beer and frites in the Barley Mow afterwards.

Dales Trip - Adam has already asked for people who want to go, not long now, this is a great weekend away and we are sure you will love it.

It's been good to see increased attendance for the Short club run in recent weeks. The goal is to have several groups running at various distances and speeds, with 4-8 riders in each, so that the Club caters for all tastes, so please keep coming and spread the word that the Club Run is making a comeback.

Not long now till we look at restarting the Chaingang. The Club has offered a Chaingang ride in the warmer months for the last few years and we are keen to do so again this year.  The Chaingang is a fast (~ 20mph) through-and-off ride (see BC-How-to-ride-through-and-off--chaingang) where a group of riders ride in close proximity to maximise aerodynamic efficiency - and speed. The SNCC Chaingang route is approx 34 miles from the Eaton Oak roundabout to the Higham Ferrers roundabout and back again, running on a Tuesday evening when the light permits. It's a great way of improving your speed, bike handling and communication with other riders. As usual, there's a WhatsApp group for coordination - please let the club know if you would like to be added.

Drinking/Social Evenings - the whole club has been invited to the Ale Taster (Weeping Ash last month) once a month thanks to Mark Colmer's organisation.  For the last few months we've had 8 to 12 people there talking bikes, life and drinking beer. It's a great evening. The next one is 28th Mar. In addition we're looking at an additional club social on 14th Mar Club Social - Booze on the Ouse ( please look out for additional information in next week's Weekly Bulletin with more details.

TT Corner - From a TT perspective, Nic is working on an update to the information on the website, in order to share information applicable to the season ahead.

Nic is also planning to prepare an announcement regarding the weekly TTs in association with CCA.


Dates for your diary:-

The SNCC open (as part of NDCA championship) is planned for 25th May (on F14/25 course) - this will also be the Ashman Trophy race for 2024. We will need marshalls/volunteers to make this event a success. Please look out for Nic's request for these.

CCA / SNCC evening events are expected to run from 24 April to 28 August.

We are looking for more volunteers to assign to ECCA events - obviously we expect these responsibilities to be mainly filled by TT racers, but other club members are very welcome to put themselves forward!"