Welcome to the May Chatterbox - a week late - mainly down to there's a lot happening at the moment and I hope we've managed to summarise it here. So the sun is out and so are the Club Members, I know many of you are topping up the tan lines, remember though to put on the sun tan cream.

I like to highlight a worthy cause of George Lendrum and Shaun Jarvis cycling Ride London in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK on Sun 26th May - it is a worthy cause and George tells us that Shaun is putting him through the ringer in training.

The planned trip to France and our twin town of Faches Thumesnil in July will now be postponed to Jun 25 - cost and the logistics proved too complicated. WHen I stand down as Chairman later this year I will concentrate on organising this trip on behalf of the club. 

We will shortly be confirming the date of the Grass Track event in conjunction with "Friends of Priory Park" in late August. We will be contacting people to help coordinate this event after our committee meeting next Weds.

We had the first off road social ride yesterday evening May 8th 9 people attended and we enjoyed a pleasant ride and a couple of beers at the Wheatsheaf in Perry. The Wheatsheaf made us most welcome as it is now under new management. Please look out for details of the first Road Ride Social next Weds (May 15th) later in this Weekly Bulletin. A full calendar will be issued next week. If you have any pubs/rides and are willing to plan one please let a member of the committee know or write in to the club.

Adam has 10 club members going to the Dales (still room for 2 more) as a reminder the dates are May 17th to the 19th, a great weekend with beer optional in the evening. Later in the summer Adam is looking at putting on another UK trip, look out for details.

TT Corner - Nic has confirmed that the TT season will commence May 23rd and run to the last Thurs in August. We are finalising details and will issue more details in next week's Weekly Bulletin. However if you are willing to volunteer please let Nic or the club know, it would be good to train up some new Timekeepers or have some others putting out and taking in signs.

There will be a TT Taster on Thurs May 16th, again more details later in the Weekly Bulletin. It's a good way to get to know the course and have a beer afterwards in Abbotsley.

We are hosting the NDCA Open 25 on Sat May 25th, we do have some volunteers but require more to make this a success. A call for volunteers is in the main body of the weekly bulletin.

Finally the Inter Club which is an ideal competition to start getting to the next level of TTs is being finalised, we will publish the dates of these shortly.

The Breakfast Rides have now moved to quarterly, the next date is provisionally booked for Sat 20th Jul at Old Weston. 

A number of you will know we run 2 midweek rides on Tues and Fri mornings leaving the Market Place at 0930. We currently have 44 members, not all are SNOGs some work for a living but join us when they can. These rides are a "no drop" with a cafe stop and vary from 30 to 50 miles at a slightly slower speed than the club rides (not much slower). If you'd like to join this group please contact the club or Norman King directly.

Chain gang is up and running with Justin Lomas as our champion, numbers have been low so far due to the weather but with the better weather coming we hope to see the numbers increasing.  

As a lot of you would know Charlotte (Lotty) Lawson has moved onto a new job and house in the Preston area. She was a big champion of the ladies rides under the "Breezie banner" and started up the local "10 mile per hour club" both of which were very successful and all done quietly and with no fuss. She was also an active member of the SNOGs and social events and often volunteered to help out. So as well as her 600 miles adventures over 4 day holidays and her Audaxes she is a character who will be missed. Good luck Lotty.