Welcome to the Jun edition of the Chairman's Chatterbox. We are still waiting for summer but it's not stopping our members from riding longer distances and there's been some impressive rides taking place in May. Also there are some impressive weekly totals being achieved. The club trip to the Dales was a roaring success, some long routes and some impressive photos, thanks Adam. The TTs are in full swing (club and Open) and will be ramping up in Jun. Nic organised an excellent Open 25 in May (under the NDCA region) and this was very successful.

As you will see later in the Weekly Bulletin Simon Winter had a bad bike crash, we have sent him (well his wife flowers) and he is on the slow road to recovery after being discharged from Addenbrookes on the 5th Jun. 

Lots of things are happening in Jun, the Leighton Bromswold Bike Fest, Tom Stead's ride to Hunny (and back), the Breakfast ride is back this Sat (it's only every 3 months now) and we had a good turn out at the club social. Social Rides are being attended but as the weather has not been great we are getting 4 to 6 members attending, please do attend these events as the gossip is entertaining in itself. The SNOGs went to see day 1 of the Ride London Classique and had an excellent 100K ride, they continue to find new cafes.

It's the Summer Solstice soon (honestly it's summer) why now have a long ride that day?

Chaingang - c/o Justin Lomas

The Chaingang re-started at the beginning of April and has taken place every week, despite the weather, ably championed by Justin Lomas. It’s a great way of building your speed and coordination with other riders. Leaving the Market Square every Tuesdays at 18:45 until further notice, why not give it a go? Please let the Club know if you’d like to be added to the WhatsApp group

SNCC Ladies - c/o Tina Dankwart

We’re still hopelessly outnumbered by the guys, but have started organising a couple of small things. After having a few conversations with female members, it seems that the thought of ‘not being fast enough’ is putting a lot of you off some of the existing events - so, what would you like to see more of?

Current thoughts and suggestions: Off road ride to Castle Acre for coffee, women’s only club ride (week day/evening?). Let the club or Tina know directly (07721-618702) and we’ll try to make it happen!

It would be great to expand the ladies’ section – would your wife/girlfriend/friends be interested in joining in?

October trip to the Peaks - c/o Adam Hutchinson

Adam Hutchinson is arranging a "Peaks weekend" and is provisionally booked for October 25. He's managed to find good, cheap accommodation in Hope that sleeps 8. It is a bit late in the year though so he is looking for alternatives.

TT Corner - c/o Nic Pillinger

As you will have seen the Abbo TTs are off and running - so far the traffic lights haven’t caused us any issues. We’d love to see some new faces as well as returning riders come and set a time this season… you never know when it will be your last chance to ride this course and secure your place on the all time leaderboard: https://tinyurl.com/alltimelist

Enjoy your riding and see you on the road, at the cafe or pub!