and Alasdair wins 4th cat prime - at the 9th Rockingham race

Wayne, Alasdair and Richard started the 9th Race in the Rockingham series. For this race the organisers played around with the handicap format by starting the 2nds and 4th cats together, with the 3rds behind. The 2nds needed to lap the 4ths to be back in contention! Alasdair was in the 4th cat group while Wayne and Richard were in the 3rd cat group.

The 4th cats were immediately put on the rivet by the 2nd cats and the two groups soon split. However, the fast start had done some damage and a number of 4th cats were quickly dropped to leave a more select group of riders. Alasdair was in that group and went onto win the 4th cat's prime lap after taking a lead out from the evenings only woman rider!  

The chase from the 3rd cat group was disorganised. Although there were attempts to work together, a couple of riders kept driving a hard pace, lining the riders out and making it impossible for the next man to come through. After a while the group started to slow down as frustration with the lack or cooperation made riders unwilling to take the initiative at the front. Soon after the 2nd cats made the catch.

With the 2nd and 3rd cat groups together the pace lifted and the attacks started. However, as one break was being chased, a touch of wheels at 35mph brought two riders down to the tarmac. Wayne and Richard had avoided the collision, but it had been a little too close for comfort. For the next couple of laps, while the bloodied crash casualties walked back to HQ, the group maintained a moderate pace.

The evening club run style ride didn't last and the attacks resumed. Richard had a dig and quickly established a gap from the bunch. After a laps grace, 3 riders bridged across and for a few moments it looked like a successful break might have established. However, it quickly transpired 2 of the riders were unwilling to work, and with a determined chase from the group, they were soon reeled in.

The 4th cats were caught with 3 laps to go. A bunch sprint was now inevitable and riders jostled for position. Into the final bend and Wayne and Richard were both well placed. Wayne took off with an impressive turn of speed and was soon leading the pack challenging a Maxifuel rider for the line. Perhaps a wheel separated them, but it was to Wayne's advantage as he took his first win!  

So an excellent night for St Neots with Alasdair winning the 4th cat prime lap and Wayne the overall win. Does a 2nd cat licence now beckon for him?