We know that this is not strictly a cycling exploit, but SNCC member David Spoors' journey round the world, with lots of very adventurous skiing is so amazing that there are no apologies for putting it up on our website.

 Well we have made it to Vladivostok, having just left Tokyo, which is just plain crazy

 So far:

France, Megeve - massive amounts of snow, blue skies = wonderful

Cyprus, Mount Olympus - not much snow, but enough for a small ski.  However, skiing above the sparkling Mediterranean sea was amazing

Turkey, Istanbul - stop over.  An attack on all senses.  The noise the hustle, the bussle

Lebanon, Feryah - brilliant snow, lovely on and off piste,  Beirut, brilliant.  Had a super meal in a family run restaurant in the centre of the city, with 5 beautiful daughters.  Visited a winery who produce amazing red wine.  Again blue skies

Georgia, Gudauri - super, super snow.  Steep but manageable slopes.  Tbilisi was something else in terms of friendly people, great food and their wine is amazing.  Became friends with a young guy who skies with the Georgian national ski team.  We had so many invites from so many people, incredible.  

Pakistan, Malam Jabba (Kashmir) - well, OMG.  seven armed security check points up the mountain.  Driving not on roads, but mud tracks up the mountain, with 500ft drops and not in a 4 wheel drive vehicle either.  I was scared.  Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar are hot, dusty, full of people and honking horns. Oh and they drive any side of the road!  Ahhhhh!!

India, Gulmarg - 14,000ft high, the views - wow, wow. Lots of snow, lots of avalanches and very, very steep.  Met a guy at the top of the mountain who's from Bombay.  He had numerous servants looking after him.  Took his ski boots off and on; carried his bag, carried his skis, pulled chairs out for him, massaged him.  Blimey  It was a fun two days skiing with him (no servants for us).  He even got the ski lift opened early so we could get an early start.  Delhi, well, well.  The food was brilliant, the spice market wonderful and we managed to get to places my mum went to in the 1950's.  Much has changed but the Ox, dogs, bicycles, rickshaws, Tuk Tuks, buses, lorries still fill the roads in the city.  Like Istanbul but on steroids.  The noise, the smell, the heat.  Brilliant!

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek and Karakul - skied in two places, both good snow.  Had dinner one night with a local farming family.  Great food, lovely company.  They live a simple way of life but are happy with what they have

Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar - brilliant. Super brilliant.  Slopes on the city edge so you look down on the city whilst skiing.  People we met were fantastic.  More blue skies.  -21 on the day we arrived. C.O.L.D.!!!!!!!!!!  

China, Wanlong - Snow was great, the resort was amazing, new, modern, quality.  The chair lifts had heated seats and covers over the top.  Food amazing, every dish you could think of.  Some of it a bit funny.  This is where the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held and they are nearly ready now!.  Beijing - very big, so many people.  Lots of fun, too much fun till 03.00.  OK on the night, but suffered the next day

North Korea, Massik Pass - what a gem.  People so friendly and warm.  Food so good, sometimes weird.  They just want peace. The common people are fed up of all the issues.  Talked to soldiers at he DMZ as we waved to South Korea.  They just want peace and unification.  Don't believe all you read on the BBC.  Amazing ski resort, super high standards and we were the only two people there! Pyongyang is a very modern city that is clean with lots of gardens, parks and a great underground network that had chandeliers in the stations

Japan, Niseko & Hakuba - well Japan certainly lived up to its nickname JAPOW.  The snow, the views, the people. Amazing and we got to see the cherry blossom.  Took trips to Nikko and Koyoto, so beautiful.  Tokyo is nuts, but such fun

So sorry for not saying in touch sooner, very poor of me.  Some roads would be amazing to cycle on, in particular from Nikko to Lake Chuzenji.