Thanks to all who signed up to and attended our talk on fuelling and hydration yesterday, we really enjoyed it, and we hope you did too! 

It was great to see so many people engage online and thanks very much to the few who braved the weather and attended in person, it was great to meet you! It was great to see questions coming in and hopefully we were able to answer most of them. 

The Presentation slides from yesterday are available from here for those who may be interested.

The recording from yesterday is also available via the live stream link from here

For those of you who met the criteria of the study and were potentially interested in participating, I have also attached a "Participant Information Sheet" that goes over the key details of our study and will give you an insight into what is involved. Please download from here.

If you are interested in participating, then please reply to this email and we can begin to talk about details. If this study is not for you but you know others who might be interested, please do spread the word. Asking anyone at your cycling club/triathlon club or sharing details of the study via facebook pages and whatsapp chats would go a long way towards getting participants!

If work commitments were an issue for you in terms of participation, then it's worth looking into if your company gives charitable days off work, as contributing to research is often classed as this, so it would not use up your annual leave. 

I know a couple of you have also emailed me with individual questions, and I will get back to you on those later today. 

Once again, thanks for attending and any help you can provide with recruitment on our end would be hugely appreciated.

Any feedback on yesterday's talk would also be much appreciated. If people would be interested in future events like this, then please let us know. 


Many thanks,

Sean Sage 

PhD candidate in Sports Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Junior Institute of Sport and Physical Activity Research (ISPAR)

University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9EA