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Updated 08.08.22...


The Committee Minutes have made the decision to move away from Castelli as the Club’s kit provider to one that permits individual Club Members to order directly from a provider’s website whenever it is needed/wanted. The benefit of this approach will be that the Club will no longer need to hold significant amounts of stock, which equates to quite a bit of money (circa £3,500) as well as being subject to Castelli’s minimum order numbers (minimum of ten items of each garment need to be ordered) and fianlly it is expected that a greater range of clothing can be available to members to order direct.

The Committee has opted to investigate a move to Stolen Goat for all routine Club clothing, with the current Jersey/short design being replicated by the company, there is also the option for Club skinsuits/speedsuits being available directly from NoPinz who already have a Club design available to order. To that end the committee has decided to put all the Castelli kit on sale (50% discount on all items). The prices on the Club’s Website ‘Shop’ are being adjusted accordingly and an updated stock list will be available shortly – please note the 50% discount applies only to Castelli items. The sale will be run on a first come first serve basis, with me acting as the (initial) POC for this for sale. The move to a new provider / NoPinz is being managed by the Committee.  

Finally, I am stepping down as the Club’s clothing secretary and handing responsibility for Club clothing to Adam Hutchinson.



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