Another full field for the Abbotsley Time trial this week in spite of continuing poor weather, although this week saw a slight rise in temperature.

The return of the southerly wind didn't affect St Neots CC's Justin Lomas, the course record holder, as he managed to show Paul Davis from St Ives CC a clean pair of pedals to take victory by 11 seconds. Davis set off two minutes behind Lomas but couldn't close the gap.  

Anther notable was Adrian Taverna sporting an aero helmet and tri bars who, so far, has improved by a minute each week and is expected to break the 30 minute barrier for the course soon.

As the weather improves throughout the season many riders will be looking to improve on their times by several minutes as the weather so far has been on the cool side. The hot competition this season will likely be between Justin Lomas and Richard Hancock who was absent this week - the competition may see a new course record before the end of the season.

The race this coming week starts at 7:15pm at the Croxton junction about a mile to the east of Abbotsley village with signing on at 7:00pm. The race runs on a course of 11.2 miles on a sporting course covering mainly rural roads.

1.    Justin Lomas     27.55
2.    Paul Davis        28.06
3.    David Lindsay   30.17
4.    Adrian Taverna   30.38
5.    Steve Blows     31.21
6.    Wayne Tunnah   31.25
7.    Adrian Bloxham   32.45
8.    Jonathan Pang     32.50
9.    Ashley Cooper     33.12
10.    Alistair Henderson     33.17
11.    Adrian Lancaster     33.22
12.    Steve Muchmore     33.56
13.    Chris Preston     34.36
14.    Adrian Lewis     34.49
15.    Mark Colmer     34.51
16.    Steve Pleasance     35.03
17.    Leon Bradford     35.29