Mandy loves timekeeping

Below is a copy of the note about the cancellation of the TT on the 28th and also a copy of Mandy's response !! 

Two sets of traffic lights on the course = cancellation of tomorrow's TT . 

This is regrettable given that it would have been the final TT of the 2014 season and we now have to wait another 35 weeks for the start of the 2015 TT season. 

We remain hopeful that we will still be able to run the Ashman Trophy to allow us to finalise the winner of the 2014 Handicap Trophy . 

Until then we would like to thank Mandy and Colin for their immaculate time keeping on the Thursday evenings which allows us the rest of us to race.

Thanks also to Simon Richardson for putting out and collecting the traffic signs and to all the Club members who have tested themselves on the 11.2 mile sportive course . If you have managed a few PBs over the season then well done and keep doing those miles as the 35 weeks will soon go quickly !! 




Hi Alistair 
thanks for letting me know about tomorrow night. I've had a brilliant time this year helping with the time keeping and if everyone is happy to have me back I'm very happy to come back next year. Obviously once we get to a point we can run the Ashman I will be available to help out (as long as it's not the week 11th or 18th October as I'm on holiday). 
I've really enjoyed my Thursday nights with the TT boys, everyone has been so lovely and welcoming and I find it amazing that no one from the club fancied time keeping - I LOVE IT! 
Very best wishes