SNCC Annual General Meeting

St Neots Golf Club, Crosshall Road

11 November 2015, 7:30 p.m.


The 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on Wednesday 11th November 2015 at St Neots Golf Club, with 28 members in attendance. The minutes of the AGM follow:

Minutes of: Annual General Meeting
Held at: St Neots Golf Club, Crosshall Road, St Neots, PE19 7GE
On: 11 November 2015
At: 19:30

1. Welcome

Having established that a quorum was present, the Chairman opened the meeting by thanking those attending and introduced the Agenda, which had been circulated to members in advance.

2. Chairman’s report

The Chairman delivered his report for 2015. A copy of that report is attached to these minutes as Appendix A.

3. Treasurer’s report.

The meeting was informed that Club finances remained in a healthy position.

A detailed report of Club's finances is attached as Appendix B.

4. Fees

Membership subscription fees and competition entry fees for 2016 will remain unchanged at the following rates:

  • Full Members: £20
  • Student members: £10
  • Second claim members: £10 (considered on a case by case basis)
  • Club Time Trial fees:
    • Members: £2 per event
    • Non-members: £4 per event        

5.   Election of Club Officials for 2016.

The Secretary outlined the election process and having been proposed and seconded by existing members, the individuals below were elected into the following committee positions:

SNCC Committee 2016


Gary Newman


Alistair Henderson

General Secretary

Ian Burroughs

Social Secretary

Steve Walker

Time Trial Secretary

Simon Richardson

Race Secretary

Richard Ostler

In addition, David Hennessey was elected to the non-committee position of Media and Communications Secretary and Alec MacAndrew continues as the Club's Webmaster.

6. Plans for 2016.

The outgoing Chairman outlined the items set out in of Appendix A. Further detail on individual items will be communicated in due course.

7. Ashman Trophy

The following changes were proposed and agreed to the Ashman Trophy rules.

  • Members must have registered times in a minimum of two Club Time Trials in the current season in order to be eligible for the Ashman Trophy.
  • The maximum allowable handicap will be a deviation of 10% from each member's best time.

8. Membership Survey

The outgoing Chairman detailed the key points of the recent membership survey.

  • A proposal to introduce a two-tier membership system was met with a lukewarm response and will not be pursued further.
  • Many members are keen to see other rides being organised, though the challenge remains in finding people willing to organise them.
  • Club communication was rated as 'good' by the majority of members. It was acknowledged that the Club should be more active on Facebook.

The full results of the membership survey will be published to the Club site in due course.

9. Any other business

  • Velodrome Trip

A question was raised from the floor regarding a velodrome trip in 2016. It was agreed that the Club would support a trip if a member was willing to organise. It was proposed that the Derby velodrome should be considered ahead of Lee Valley due to a lower cost and higher availability.

  • First Aid Courses

It was suggested that the Club offer a first aid course to members It was agreed that the incoming committee would investigate this.

  • Use of Club Funds

Ideas were invited from the floor relating to the dispersal of Club funds. A number of suggestions were proposed and it was agreed that the incoming committee would investigate ways to support members in 2016.

  • Acknowledgements

The meeting thanked the outgoing Chairman and General Secretary for their contributions to the Club and a number of suspiciously pink-looking gifts were presented to both

10. Incoming Chairman

The incoming Chairman addressed the meeting and spoke about the need for members to actively support the Club in 2016. He outlined his intention for the incoming committee to explore ways to reward members who contributed to Club life.

Also outlined was the need for the Club to support existing racers and testers, and to encourage more members to participate at various levels, particularly the Interclub Series, which was poorly supported through 2015 despite strong promotion from the Club.

The incoming Chairman also indentified a need to diversify the Club's membership profile in order to protect its future.

11. Meeting Close

Appendix A: Chairman's report can be found here.

Appendix B: Report on club finances can be found here.