NCRA Race 10th Mar 18 – 45RC

27ish mile handicap race round the old circuit, Ollie Hennessy, Simon Elkington and myself set off in the 1st group,  two minutes before group two, and due to some exceptional work by Simon Elkington, who proved very much a team player we didn't see group two until the finish line.

It took a little while to get the group working together, but once working together we were able to maintain a consistent pace.  The group was made up of 4th Cat riders only, so inevitably there were going to be inexperienced riders and experienced riders. This started to show during the final 2 laps when people started dropping off and missing turns.  The final two laps took its toll, especially on Simon, who had given his all, and on the final lap a few riders started to increase the pace, and at the turn onto the back straight, we lost Simon, who was determined to help drive us to the line.  It was around this point we noticed group two was gaining, and could see the support car.  Each time we looked back they seemed to be getting closer and closer, and towards the final corner, in my mind it was in doubt whether we would beat them to the line.  At the final corner, there was a surge from the group, which ejected a few more riders, leaving 4 riders left to contend for the win.  Ollie set out with about 200 meters to go, and narrowly missed the win.  Ollie rode extremely well, reserving his energy and competing strongly for the win.  Ollie's future is bright.

- Graham Wesson